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Tesco Parkhead Community Update

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

by Susan Wilson, Community Champion

It’s been a super busy month for us here at Tesco Parkhead. We had an incredible fundraiser in store to support mental health groups in our community. We managed to raise £266.21 for Chris's House, a crisis centre for suicide prevention, and £161.59 for the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

We donated water and treats for every child at Golfhill Primary, and we also gave white school shirts to all children from Dennistoun Early Years as they enter primary school. We put together a trolley full of activity equipment to give to Eastend Empowering Stars for their weekend sessions. The community clean up we organised at Lochend Community Allotments in Easterhouse was a big success and we donated juices, fruit, and crisps for volunteers.

I was honoured to have been made a Finalist by Parent Network Scotland in the Community Parent Award. I was also super proud to have been nominated as a finalist for the People Make Glasgow Greener Award by the Glasgow Times.

A huge thanks to B&Q Parkhead for continuing to support our #growwithsuzietesco. There were lots of perennials donated to Whitehill Secondary, Southern Necropolis, Reidvale Allotment, Lochend Community Allotment and many more. Thanks to Scotbark for the two tonnes of compost donated to Lochend Allotments. I’m continuing my volunteer work in the Westercraigs Nursery Garden and loving my role with FARE working with local schools.

Until next time! Keep up to date on Facebook: Parkhead Forge Community and on Twitter: @suzieq1402

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