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Why you should advertise in Hoolit.

The benefits of advertising in your local magazine can be plentiful and can bring lots of business and foot traffic your way. So, when should you consider advertising and how do you approach it?

If you find that you're doing everything that you can to grow your business and gain customers, but are finding it difficult to break past a certain sales number or demographic, local advertisements in magazines such as Hoolit for the east end of Glasgow are oftentimes the best answer. Hoolit, for example, is a magazine which specialises in local business advertisements from everything to Cineworld to small, locally owned businesses. But what are the benefits of advertising in your local magazine?

1 - Better Business and customer trust.

Placing an advertisement in a reputable local magazine such as Hoolit can help build trust from existing and potential customers as it shows your business is not only serious and confident about growing and providing a good and expansive service, but it also reinforces the idea that your brand and business are viable competitors in the market that you are in. This helps build brand recognition and eventually, brand loyalty.

2 - A longer shelf life.

Digital ads are fleeting, whereas a steady advertisement in a local printed magazine (Hoolit has both its print and online versions of the magazine) can be read countless times in your local dentist, GP office, hairdressers, and anywhere else. Remember, with digital ads, most readers only scan a website's ads for fifteen seconds at most before moving on. The tactile experience of a physical magazine with your advertisement feels more legitimate than a printed ad.

3 - Local pride.

If you are like us here at Hoolit, then you're proud of where you live. Glasgow's east end has a rich and substantial amount of local businesses that all support one another but also need all the support they can get. Advertising in your local magazine is simply placing an ad in front of an already dedicated clientele who love where they live, and who are happy to support your business. So, why not show them what you have to offer?

If you are interested in placing an ad in Hoolit, please contact us through our telephone number: 0141 771 7376 or via email at:

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