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Sharon's Fibro Challenge

Sharon Turnbull is walking 5k each day between the 10th and 17th of May as part of Five for Fibro, an awareness and fundraising campaign led by More than Fibro. Sharon started More than Fibro to support people who, like her, are living with Fibromyalgia. Sharon was unable to walk up stairs or to her car without extreme pain or breathlessness in July 2020. She gradually built up her mobility through walking with her dog and with the help of a walking stick. Since then she’s also lost two stones and cut out alcohol. There have been drastic improvements to her physical and mental health and now she is about to embark on her biggest personal challenge yet.

Five for Fibro is open to all who wish to support More than Fibro’s cause. To take part you can walk or run 5k between the 10th and 17th May and there’s a £5 donation. Many members of More than Fibro have matched Sharon’s personal challenge, and are completing eight 5k walks over the week. Sharon will be travelling (Covid

restrictions permitting) to join members in Tranent, Alloa, Fife, Irvine, and more between Drumpellier Park and Strathclyde Park. See if you can spot Sharon wearing her butterfly wings and tutu! More than Fibro creates a safe community in order to support members in all aspects of their lives. For anyone who would like to find out more or offer support, search for ‘More than Fibro’ on Facebook or Google, or email Sharon at

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