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Janice Stevens supports local community through lockdown

Janice and Stephen began working in funeralcare within a different funeral directors. They were encouraged to begin their own independent funeral directors by families who had used their service. That’s when Janice Stevens was established in Tollcross in 2013. After about four years, they opened another branch in Craigend to accommodate their company’s growth. Janice Stevens’ aim is to always provide a dignified and respectful service. Because they are independent funeral directors, they’ve always felt they can provide a personal touch and connect with the community in a meaningful way. They offer guidance and support in choosing a funeral service and strive to keep costs as affordable as possible.

Janice and Stephen have always felt supported by their local community every step of the way. They’ve been particularly moved in recent times, by the ways in which the community has come together during a year of crisis. Providing this service can be a heavy burden. And particularly in the last year, their work has been impacted significantly. They’ve felt that this burden has been shared within the community. They have been humbled by how families, neighbours, and friends have shown up to pay their respects. Over the last year, Janice Stevens have done their best to work within government guidelines while still being caring and compassionate to those grieving. They’ve driven through the streets to witness neighbours lining up to pay their respects. Often they’ll stop the hearse to allow people to play music and to share their condolences outdoors and distanced. They’ve also allowed for more of the service to be outdoors, by the graveside, to allow more people to attend the funeral service safely. They’ve also accommodated time for families to say goodbye properly to their loved ones.

Janice and Stephen believe it is their role and responsibility in the community to create

considerate services which are as human as possible, given such strict restrictions. Funerals have been impacted in such a significant way. Well-known locals would be expected to have had large funerals but this has not been the case during lockdowns. As restrictions ease, Janice Stevens is looking forward to being able to do more for families grieving and to continue to support the community.

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