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Tesco Parkhead Extra Community Update February 2022

By Susan Wilson, Community Champion

Our work in the community continues this month with a large donation of food and toiletries to Helping People in Need who run a soup kitchen two nights a week on Sauchiehall Street.

We donated £100 to Golfhill Primary to help with the purchase of brown trout that the children will look after in school before letting them free in the River Clyde. The donation came from our community bookcase funds.

Donation to Parkhead Salvation Army

We also supplied toiletries, food parcels and underwear to local families in need. We donated a trolley of tins of meats to Parkhead Salvation Army which serves hot soup and meals every Thursday. They also provide food parcels to those in need. A member of Parkhead Salvation Army said: “Susan Wilson and Tesco Parkhead have provided valuable and vital support over the years and especially through the Covid-19 pandemic. We wish to thank Susan Wilson and everyone at Tesco Parkhead for partnering with us to help local people in their time of need.”

I continue to work for FARE charity on Lochend Community Allotment and it’s exciting to run the school project with St Clare’s Day nursery, Fareplay nursery, Lochview nursery, Westerhouse Nursery, Oakwood Primary, St Benedict’s Primary and Lochend High School all involved.

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