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St Ambrose High School update

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

John Mason MSP

John has welcomed the Scottish Government’s decision to carry out a review at the site of St. Ambrose High School amidst ongoing health concerns.

The independent review team, consisting of Chief Planning Reporter, Paul Cackette, and the former Director of Public Health in NHS Fife, Margaret Hannah, has announced that Scottish Water has agreed to test the water at the high school campus, with wider environmental testing, including soil, water, and the methane membrane, being tested by environmental health bodies throughout the summer holidays.

In a letter to concerned parents, John said:

“I have to say I am delighted that Fulton McGregor, MSP for Coatbridge, has persuaded the Government to instigate an independent and impartial review of the situation. While the Scottish Government, North Lanarkshire Council and NHS Lanarkshire are all agreeing to this review, it will be independent and I look forward to hearing its findings.

“There have been claims and counter claims concerning St. Ambrose in recent days and it will be good to have a more scientific analysis of the facts. It remains my very strong hope that we will have much more clarification and any necessary testing done before the schools go back in mid-August.”

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