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Quick and Easy Summer Food

Susan Tong, Owner of Sunshine Tea Lounge
Susan Tong, Owner of Sunshine Tea Lounge

Hi folks, my name is Susan and I’m sharing my ideas for eating better and more nutritiously this summer using many of the often forgotten-back-of-the-cupboard items to turbo-charge your meals! How often do we get inspired to buy seasonings, spices and flavoured oils just to leave them in the dark because we don’t really know what to with them? The thing is, what you don’t realise is that these little pops of inspiration are the Ferraris of your cupboard waiting for you to take them out on a roaring culinary journey so open that cupboard door and let the sunshine in!

Summer is the season for barbeques, salads and exotic summer rolls - all perfect for using up your collection of goodies! Got a bottle of chilli oil? Make yourself a delicious noodle salad by tossing together your favourite noodles with some finely sliced red onions, sweetcorn and peppers then drizzle with chilli oil, light soy sauce, honey and - if you’ve got it in the cupboard, rice wine vinegar and if not – 1 part malt vinegar and 1 part water; I kid you not, this makes a seriously tasty lunch especially when washed down with an icy cold ginger beer on a hot day!

Got more tubs of random spices that just gets in the way when you’re looking for that last tin of baked beans? Make your own barbecue grill like a BOSS! Sprinkle chilli powder, garlic powder and dark soy sauce onto chicken wings, pork chops, corn on the cob (add butter), fish, beef kebabs and fling them onto the bbq to cook and caramelise for mouth-watering barbequed food! Experiment with different combinations – you’ll have more success than you think because good food often produces tasty meals!

I love it when I see kitchens full of a variety of produce because the more varied the diet the more likely it is to be healthier for the body and mind. After all, they say you are what you eat – so let those back-of-the-cupboard treasures help you eat good and feel great this Summer!

Got a jar of spices or a bottle of condiment you’re not sure how to use?

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Sunshine Tea Lounge & Deli Shop is at 29 Buchanan Street, Baillieston, G69 6DY, where you'll find a range of premium teas & coffees, home bakes, handcrafted food and hot food for sit-in or takeaway.

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