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Meet Slimming World Parkhead's Miss Slinky 2021

Vivien Cross, age 21 from Parkhead has lost four stones in just twenty-four weeks on the Slimming World plan after joining her local group.

Vivien before weight loss
Vivien before weight loss

Vivien and her mum Laura joined the Parkhead group in May and it has been the best decision they have ever made. Vivien did not believe she could achieve a one-stone loss never mind four stones as her confidence was so low. She asked her Slimming World Consultant, Karen, on the day she joined for her help and support in losing weight and now Vivien is an inspiration to her group and everyone around her.

Karen who has run the Parkhead group for three years said: “When Vivien first came to the group she was nervous, shy and did not believe in herself. I weighed her that day and told her she would never have to feel that way again and now Vivien is like a new woman, she is simply amazing!

“Now with four stones gone forever, Vivien offers advice to our group. She inspires everyone around her and is an absolute star in all of our eyes. I am so very proud of her and I hope she knows how amazing she is.”

Vivien and mum, Laura, after weight loss

Vivien’s mum, Laura has lost three stones on the Slimming World plan and is an incredible support to her. Laura said she is the proudest mum in the world and has seen a dramatic change in Vivien not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Laura said she loves her daughter so much and can’t wipe the smile off her face with pride.

In November, Vivien was announced Miss Slinky 2021 in her Parkhead group and celebrated with her fellow Slimming World members. Vivien said she was delighted to be nominated as Miss Slinky. She feels amazing and losing four stones has changed her life for the better. She feels more confident, stronger mentally, physically and emotionally and she urges anyone who doesn’t think they can lose weight or is apprehensive about joining to go and do it and never look back.

Vivien would like to take the opportunity to thank her mum Laura for all her help and support and for being there for her every step of the way. Vivien also thanks her Consultant Karen, her fellow Slimming World members at the Parkhead group and her friends and family for cheering her on her journey.

Vivien said the Food Optimising Plan is easy to follow and allowed her to eat all of her favourite meals while losing weight and if she can do it anyone can!

If you would like to join your local group visit for details.

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