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Baillieston Community Spirit

With the last few months being such a difficult time for families and businesses alike, Baillieston mum Daytona Mills came up with an idea to allow local children to celebrate and dress up for Halloween. She created the Hunt for the Community Spirit event which ran over several days leading up to Halloween.

A little ghost named Boo hid throughout stores on Main Street, Baillieston. Hundreds of children went on the hunt for Boo, counting them as they went along and picking up treats from local shopkeepers at the same time.

The children were asked to record the number of Boos they found on the Halloween Ghost Trail map and completed entries were placed in the post box supplied by Brighter Baillieston and Morrisons at the end of the trail. Their names were entered into a prize draw to win one of the many prizes donated by local businesses. Almost £2000 was raised for Homeless Project Scotland at the same time.

Following the success of the Halloween Trail a new Christmas event has been planned called Santa Needs Yer Help!

There was a wee elf

Who fell off her shelf

She forgot her name

And couldnae get hame

On a sign, she bumped her head

“Baillieston” was what it said

So she got a bit sneaky

And then a bit cheeky

Getting through all the doors

And messing up all the stores

And she left in their window

Each a different little show

So the people made some calls

About how she wrecked the halls

Until someone picked up the phone

And said “It’s time she came home.”

So Santa is coming to take her hame

But can you help give her a name?

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