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Wildfire Sessions releases new soundtrack

Wildfire Sessions, whose members are all from Baillieston and surrounding areas, have released a new soundtrack album titled ‘Trainspotting: The Italian Chapter’. The Glasgow-based collaborative consists of musicians, lyricists, and audio engineers who have various singles, albums, and soundtracks under their belt. This latest project is part of an international collaborative project that reimagines the trainspotting film and its sequel. Their soundtrack will be featured in a new film directed by Valentina Gardi, from the Gladiator Film Company.

It’s said that the album “will take you up and down the tracks, from bluesy rock to banging techno”. It’s a real mix of sounds and promises to have something for everyone. The band has recorded self-styled covers of songs from the classic soundtracks, as well as a self-penned track of their own. Additional instrumentation and vocals were provided by AJ Donaldson- from Mother Focus- on keys, Hannah White- from The Rhubarb- on vocals, and Stephen Buggy on drums who has played with Dead Coyotes and Beggar in the Heights on drums.

This album comes after the release of their debut EP ‘By Road, Sky, or Sea” which has enjoyed continuous radio play and online streaming. You can find the Wildfire Sessions on Spotify, and keep up to date with their upcoming projects on Facebook (Wildfire Sessions) and Instagram (wildfire_sessions).

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