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Tesco Shettleston Extra Community Update October 2020

I can't believe I'm saying this but my Christmas shopping is almost finished! Normally I am ordering things right up to Christmas Eve so I'm very surprised I am so organised this year (until I realise what I have forgotten of course)!

Alan Quin

So how is everyone? Let's face it - if 2020 was a car it would be at the scrapyard! This has been hard for everyone - between lockdown, self-isolating and panic buying everyone has had their stresses and strains. Let's just all hope we are on our way out the other side now. What it has proved though is how amazing communities can be and how everyone can pull together - like Greenfield. Thanks to a Alan Quin and Lisa Goddard who were so fed-up looking at an overgrown patch of ground, the Leafy Garden project was born! Alan (right) got in touch to let me know how the project has taken off and how much the community has got together. From kids playing football, helping to cut grass and removing weeds to new plans for a stage and some raised beds for growing vegetables in the future. I was happy to donate some decorations for a Halloween party Alan organised as well as donating money we raised through our store library during October.

Ruchazie Pantry

I was also delighted to visit Ruchazie Pantry and meet Tina (the boss) as well as the volunteers (whose names I forget because I didn't write them down, sorry). I was shown around, became a member and did my first shop! Pictured (left) is what I picked for my £2.50 shop. Now what I loved about this shop is just that - it's set out like a shop! It's clean,

bright and everyone is happy, friendly and helpful. This was the first Pantry to open in the east end and I'm happy to say that there are no restrictions - anyone can join irrespective of where you stay. You pay £1 to become a member, and then you can shop. For £2.50 you can pick approx £15 worth of goods and the volunteers will keep you right on how many items you can choose from each section. This is a great way to top up your cupboards, especially when things are hard for everyone.

The Poppy Appeal is underway and while we don't have volunteers in store there will always be poppies available at our Customer Service Desk and also at the Petrol Station.

Until December stay safe everyone.

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