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Tesco Shettleston Extra community update March 2020

Well, the year is flying in... March already! Maybe it’s a sign I’m getting older!

First this month, on the back of our amazing Bags of Help awards reopening, I am delighted to announce the winners of our second round of Centenary voting which took place between 1st October and 31st December. The winner was Over The Wall, second place was Penumbra and third was Home Start Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde. A massive well done to three very well-deserving charities.

Now I would like to take a little time to talk about our plans for March. We are having a very special fundraising week from 23rd to 27th for Brain Tumour Awareness. This is something that we are committed to as our Tesco Shettleston family was devastated when our very own lovely Lynn from Customer Services was diagnosed with a tumour late last year. Everyone was shocked but none more so than Lynn, her husband and her family. Lynn (right) had a major operation in January and I am delighted to say that the surgeons were able to remove 80% of the tumour! However, the best news is that the tumour was benign. Lynn, pictured above, is now gradually getting fitter and stronger every day and we can’t wait to have her beautiful smiling face back behind our customer service desk!

We will be having several events over the week - from raffles to tombola, bag packs to selling badges and wristbands - and yours truly will be doing a two hour sponsored silence! Now if you know me you will also know I never stop talking so this is a challenge! If you would like to volunteer to help us over this week please contact me at the store. Remember to join our community page on Facebook to keep up to date!

By Luzier Jeffrey, Community Champion

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