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Tesco Shettleston Extra Community Update June 2020

Tesco Shettleston Extra safety measures

Hi everyone - a bit of a different take on what’s been happening in Shettleston due to Covid-19 and the lockdown. I hope everyone reading this is well and, like myself, coming out the other side of what has been a trying time.

Although I was shielding at home I was still trying to work and help as much as I could, while the guys in the store were doing the most amazing job. The number of groups we have helped is outstanding and far too many to list but include Brighter Baillieston, a brand new group that was started to help residents during this pandemic to whom we donated a gift card, Flat Pack Meals who recently were awarded a much needed £10,000 from the National Lottery. We were able to help them with a donation carrier bags and Glasgow Golden Generation who also received a gift card.

Some great store news! Click and Collect has come to Shettleston! Yep, a brand new department where you can pick your shopping up (observing social distance - you don’t even need to get out of the car!). There’s some fabulous new staff to help and it’s fantastic that our customers no longer need to go to a store further away for this service. Now that’s helping Shettleston’s shoppers shop better every day! Looking forward to seeing you all around the store when I return.

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