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Tesco Parkhead Extra Community Update June 2020

It has been an emotional and very busy time over the last three months for the team at Tesco Parkhead. Luckily we managed to get the phone numbers of our most vulnerable customers the week before lockdown and along with store manager Scott were able to deliver much-needed essentials and food parcels in those crucial first few weeks.

We have donated lots of supplies to local care homes, local elderly residents, patients and staff of The Royal Infirmary, The Community of Helping Hands and too many others to mention.

I have been working in partnership with The Urban Fox Programme, Jane Burdass (community gardener) and Isabella Barnes (VSNEG Development Worker) on the East End in Bloom project. We made up thousands of gardening packs that included a plant pot, compost, sunflower seeds and instructions and these were given to nearly every community project/school in the east end.

I have continued my volunteering at the Includeme2 Club – Allotment Angels project and planting like mad to get all the vegetables growing.The Lord Mayor of Glasgow also visited the allotment to give a hand with shovelling two tonnes of manure into the plot.

Our Facebook page is Parkhead Forge Community and Twitter @suzieq1402

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