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Summer Sounds with Wildfire Sessions

The east end is full of emerging talent and Wildfire Sessions is one of Baillieston’s local bands. Their group is made up of songwriters, sound engineers, vocalists, and musicians who each have different musical backgrounds. Their diverse music tastes, influences, and skillsets mean that the outcome of their collaborative style is always unique. They’ve worked on a range of projects, such as film soundtracks, as well as releasing original music.

Wildfire Sessions are formed by Colin and Martin Skinner, who are father and son, Alex Baillie, Michael McConville, Andrew Healy, and Donny Munro. They are hesitant to label themselves as any one genre, but Colin describes some of their music as “Acoustic Rock”, whilst other releases such as ‘Don’t Fix’ utilise Martin’s background in sound production.

Wildfire Sessions has enjoyed continuous radio play on Radio Scotland and East End Radio Station. In particular, they’ve enjoyed listening to and being featured on ‘Hidden Gems’ a segment on the east end community radio that focuses on unsigned acts, or bands signed to smaller independent labels. It’s also allowed them to appreciate the range of musical talent here in the east end, as well as further afield. Colin mentions that he’s excited that creative communities can begin to meet in person again, and that the band always enjoys socialising and playing alongside fellow musicians.

Recently, the band has not been able to meet as frequently as they’d like, and have had to maintain social distancing when recording over lockdown. Their usual projects have been postponed, but they’ve taken the opportunity to take part in isolation sessions and lockdown live music to entertain those of us stuck indoors. Martin has described it as a “Weird but good experience”. The band would often write collaboratively, being unable to work in their usual way, Martin had an “Idea to get us rolling again”. Instead of penning new material, Wildfire Sessions will be releasing a covers EP. The covers span individual member’s influences such as Bob Seger, Neil Young, Alice in Chains, David Bowie, and Biffy Clyro.

You can search for Wildfire Sessions on YouTube and Spotify to listen to their music, and follow them on Facebook at ( for details of their upcoming projects.

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