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Slimmers Come Back Together After Months of Virtual Slimming

Slimming World has been supporting members virtually in online weekly groups since March when lockdown closed all of the organisation’s community groups. Now, following the current easing of restrictions in many areas, real-life groups are beginning to reopen step-by-step.

Ann Marie is putting measures in place to ensure groups comply fully with government and local guidance and that their members can return safely to their much-loved Slimming World groups.

Ann Marie said: “I’m delighted to finally be back together with my members! Our virtual groups have been a vital lifeline of support and I’m so, so proud of how my members have been there for each other through these difficult months and continued to lose weight and get more active. There’s nothing quite like the magic of our real-life groups, though, and while our members have loved attending their virtual groups they’ve missed the motivational power and accountability of meeting in person each week.”

She said: “Members will find a few things have changed in our groups to ensure that everyone feels as safe, confident and as comfortable as they possibly can. This includes appropriate social distancing, hygiene measures and shorter sessions, which we’ll be asking members to book in to before attending. What hasn’t changed is the gorgeous warm welcome, feeling of togetherness and the joy of being ‘in it together’ week on week.

“As well as looking forward to ‘that feeling’ of being back together with our existing Slimming World members, we can’t wait to welcome new members in Baillieston and Shettleston to our groups too. Obesity is a huge issue in the news at the moment with evidence showing that carrying extra weight makes it harder for the body to fight COVID-19, and the Government announcing brand new plans to tackle obesity across the UK – which Slimming World are very proud to be part of. Plus, we know many people’s routines were turned upside down by lockdown and lots of us have been feeling more worried or anxious than usual, all of which can have an impact on making healthy choices.”

Ann Marie said: “I want anyone who is worrying about their weight or health to know that there will be no judgement at a Slimming World group – just lots of understanding and a very warm welcome.

“Our groups are hubs of recipe-swapping, idea-sharing and problem-solving activity. Through our weekly sessions, you’ll discover how to identify the stoppers and potential pitfalls that could send you off track – or that have maybe prevented you from reaching your weight-loss goals in the past – and learn to develop strategies to overcome them. The new healthy habits you’ll discover will soon become habits of a lifetime.”

Ann Marie’s Slimming World groups Shettleston and Baillieston are open now. For more information visit or contact Ann Marie on 07799 472489. Due to new safety measures, all members are asked to book into a group before attending.

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