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Shop Local & Share The Love

Jillian Letham, Owner at Heart Style Boutique
Jillian Letham, Owner at Heart Style Boutique

Here are a few reasons why it’s so important to join the movement and choose to shop small and shop local right now.

  1. Keep money local and in your local area. Local business employs local people, supports other local businesses and local communities & charities. Amazon is great but it won’t donate to your local school PTA or foodbanks.

  2. Supporting families, you are helping to feed and clothe their children and you are championing their dreams. So much more time, effort and hard work goes into running a small business. You are allowing them to keeping going and keep sharing their magic with the world. This will give you a feel-good feeling in return.

  3. Small businesses don’t have a lot of red tape therefore they might have a faster turnaround time and put more effort into your order. You are not just a customer number; you mean so much more to them. You are likely to receive a personal service and get to know them. They are likely to treasure and reward you more for your loyalty, with frequent competitions and giveaways which you have more chance of winning. Additionally, there are fewer people handling your items. Small businesses offer diversity and something different, handmade or something special that you might not find in other much larger nation-wide companies.

  4. Your kindness and support are FREE. You don’t have to spend money to support local businesses. Like, comment and share their social media posts. Leave them a five-star review or recommendation. Spread the word and tag friends you think will also like them. A little time and effort can go a really long way.

As a business owner myself, I can honestly share the feeling of joy and satisfaction when you hear that order come through on the phone or computer. That people will spend their hard-earned pennies for your products, makes all the hard work worthwhile. It inspires you to keep going and we really do a happy dance for every single order. I would be nowhere without my loyal, kind, wonderful customers; I treasure them and will always be so grateful to them.

When we come together incredible things happen, this dreadful time will pass, and brighter days are ahead. However please think, what do you still want to have in your local area after this pandemic is over? I hope this inspires you to try if you can and share the local love and shop small and support local business around you.

Stay Safe

Love Jill xx

Jillian is the owner of Heart Style Fashion & Gift Boutique, Blairgrove Shopping Centre, Coatbridge. Shop online at

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