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Ross leads the way to raise funds for Alzheimer Scotland

Ross McNamee recently completed the West Highland Way and climbed Ben Nevis in aid of Alzheimer Scotland. It’s not the first time he’s embarked on a challenge like this one. He has taken part in annual fundraising walks and climbs. Last year he climbed Ben Nevis, raising £16,000. This year he’s completed the West Highland Way as well as the climb up Ben Nevis. He’s raised a staggering amount of £35,545 for this important cause, which has a personal significance for Ross. Ross’s mother, Angie, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 50 years of age.

Alzheimer’s Scotland and similar organisations are indispensable in supporting those afflicted with this disease. They provided Angie with care over the years, to which Ross has said he’s been “Incredibly grateful”. Ross has taken part in this challenge to fundraise for these charities as they provide essential care services. The walk has grabbed public attention, with many following Ross’ journey along with him. It’s something that Ross has been surprised about but thankful for as it has raised awareness.

They completed the walk and then were joined at Ben Nevis by ten more friends who took part in the climb with Ross and the initial group. Ross said: “I couldn’t ask for better pals”. They finished on the 3rd of June, totalling a four-day hike. Ross said: “It was the best week of my life”. He was joined by friends who have been supportive of Ross and his mother over the years.

Despite the serious nature of his purpose, he said the event was full of fun and laughter. He said the company made the physically exerting walk “Ten times easier” and that he couldn’t have done it without their help.

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