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Our John loses 4 stone in 19 weeks

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

John (aka Toby) was contacted by Karen, a Slimming World Consultant, to promote Slimming World on East End Community radio. John was sceptical initially but decided to give it a try. He had heard amazing stories from people he knew on the Slimming World plan about how it could help during the lockdown, not only to lose weight but to focus and become more confident in themselves. John promised himself and Karen that he would commit to 12 weeks to see if he could lose a stone and document his progress on the radio.

He first weighed in at 22st 9lbs. John knew he was overweight but had convinced himself things were fine, because of his active lifestyle. Deep down he knew losing weight was in his best interest. John stuck to his Slimming World plan- eating lots of free food while controlling the ‘Syns’. It was hard work, but John couldn’t believe that he’d lost 5lb after the first week.

Week two came and John lost another 4lbs. He was feeling great and still enjoying homemade chips, chicken curry, and steak following the Slimming World plan. After achieving his half stone award he was motivated to go further, and dedicate 100% to the plan. During the third week, he pushed himself to reach the first stone weight loss target.

When he stood on the scales he shouted to his wife Suzanne, “these scales are broken!” He had lost a further 6lbs, meaning his total loss was 1st 11lbs in only three weeks. John is now 18 weeks in and has had his first official weigh-in with Karen, his Slimming World Consultant. He has lost 3st 10lbs over 18 weeks on his plan. Slimming World has helped John so much and he cannot thank Karen and the members of his group enough for their motivation and support over the last few months. John would recommend Slimming World to anyone looking to lose weight, while still staying satisfied. He said, “Give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised”.

Karen the Parkhead/Bridgeton Slimming World Consultant said “John has an amazing attitude towards his goals. His wife Suzanne and daughter Chloe have both been an amazing support to John, as well as his friends. He helps the community in many ways and he is an absolute legend of a guy, he lives an extremely busy life and still finds time to achieve his weight loss dreams. Congratulations from myself and your fellow Parkhead members, we are so proud of you, you are an inspiration!”

If anyone would love to lose weight and join Slimming World at Parkhead/Bridgeton or a group near you please contact Karen on 07511 171304 to join the Parkhead group on Thursday morning or evening or Bridgeton Friday morning. You won't regret it.

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