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New sports and cultural centre to be built in Cambuslang

Pearse Park in Cambuslang is now sitting empty and to passers-by, it may seem like an abandoned field, but it once was a much-beloved sports field for Scotland GAA members. New plans for a re-development have seen local councils, sports teams, and schools get involved in the exciting prospect of having an international sports and cultural centre on their doorstep!

However, it hasn’t been an easy road for those wanting to see the park be restored. Its initial closure was heartbreaking to its landowners and when plans for re-development began in 2011, they were met with another roadblock. In 2013 a poisonous Japanese knotweed was found on the pitch. A 5-year eradication plan was formed to rid the pitch of this invasive plant, but it actually took until about 2019.

Over that time, however, the ambitious goals of this new centre have broadened. The committee now consists of Scotland GAA, AFL Scotland, and the Camanachd. These three organisations will be central in developing the facility and will also use it as a resource for GAA sports, Australian football, and shinty. Pearse Park won’t just be a sports hub. There are plans for it to be used as a general cultural centre, for socialising and community activities.

It will be exciting to see the effect this innovative sports facility will have on the area, and how schools, sports teams, and local people will be able to use the centre.

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