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Making Baillieston bloomin' beautiful!

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Garden with flowers and bench

Brighter Baillieston Growers Club, a branch (no pun intended!) of resident-run charity Brighter Baillieston, is on a mission to make Baillieston bloomin’ beautiful and they need

your help! Here’s what they had to say about their plans:

“Our aim is a really simple one of bringing beauty back to Baillieston. Our neighbourhood deserves considered green spaces to relax and gather for social events and Baillieston has so much potential to achieve this goal. Our current project is to transform the space behind Iceland into a beautiful community garden. Years ago there was a demonstration garden which over the decades has become neglected, losing its colour and becoming completely abandoned. The space has a lot of potential and it is our aim to build a neighbourhood garden that the whole community can enjoy inclusive of age, diversity and abilities, whether they want to get up to their ears in compost or just sit on a bench and read a book. The garden will be colourful with a variety of blooms and designs that are eco-friendly whilst incorporating aspects of sensory interaction; but possibly even more importantly, it will be a space where the local community can get together and have fun, changing a disused site into space that benefits the people better. We aim to build raised beds and get fruit and vegetables in a mini allotment, too! It would be such a valuable way to teach kids where their food comes from, growing their interest and have them interact with the environment. We’re not trying to boil the ocean - it’s a small space, but it could be such a beautiful multi-purpose place for our neighbours to come together. The next step, the BIGGIE, is to get a community allotment plot up and running. We want to get Baillieston into Bloom in a big way!”

The group would love to hear from you if could spare an hour to help in the garden, offer your equipment, knowledge or skills (e.g. woodwork), or if you could share any memories or photographs of the demonstration garden in its heyday.

For more information or to get involved, sign up on the Facebook page

@brighterbailliestongrowers, email, or visit the Club’s stall at the Baillieston’s Got Talent event on 10th August. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about gardening; you just need the desire and passion to learn and be part of something wonderful in your neighbourhood!

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