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Knit and Natter in the east end

Ladies at the Knit and Natter group

Whether you are already a skilled knitter, stitcher, crafter extraordinaire or just loving meeting new people for a blether – the Knit and Natter group at Costa Coffee in Baillieston might be for you!

Lorraine Waddell, a public health administrator at the University of Glasgow, set up the group and is pleased in how the group has developed.

Lorraine said “We usually meet on the first Wednesday of every month at Costa Coffee in Baillieston at 6pm. We are grateful to manager Scott and the staff as they stay open late for us.

We also meet at Marks & Spencer’s café at The Fort every other Wednesday at 7pm.

“The point in starting the group was for anyone wishing to learn how to knit, crochet or sew as a beginner or for the more experienced needing help with a project that they might be stuck with to come together and support each other while meeting some new people at the same time. They might even get involved with our charity events within the community.

“We start off with some ‘trauma teddies’ for the beginners. Trauma Teddies is a partnership between Children 1st and Police Scotland, which

aims to provide comfort

and support to children affected by traumatic or distressing events. Police officers attending incidents will give them ‘trauma teddies’ as a simple distraction from potentially upsetting circumstances. This helps police officers build a relationship and turn the experience from negative into something positive.

“The group also produce ‘twiddle mats’ - which are used in care homes and consist of two knitted layers with details such as buttons, threads, beads and zips used for stimulation - as well as baby blankets and hats for use by premature babies.

For more information about Knit and Natter, you can email Lorraine at

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