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Helping Your Local Community Post Covid-19

Covid-19 has been tough on local businesses. Now more than ever, it’s important for us to invest in more local shops that have been forced to close during this crisis whilst also practicing social distancing. Shopping local can make the difference between a thriving high-street or a derelict area with few shops and jobs.

Susan, the owner of Sunshine Tea Lounge in Baillieston, explains how important it is to her as a business owner that more people shop locally. “Shopping locally helps businesses grow and stay alive in your local area. It provides a good service for the local community because if you have a flourishing high-street it makes the community a better place to live. All in all, I think you should try and do as much of your shopping in your local area as possible”.

Shopping local between multiple stores in your area creates competition between them which benefits not only the business owners but the customers too as it allows them to get the best, most affordable prices on products. Irene, who works at The Hospice Shop on Baillieston’s Main Street explained that when shopping locally, you can get the best bargains and save money. When it comes to the growing number of people who choose to shop online, Irene remarked; “I prefer to see what I’m buying”. This is true for most people as it assures the customer of their purchase.

Celebrating forty years as a business on Baillieston’s Main Street, one shop owner says that there is more that local shops can do too. He contemplated how much has changed for business owners over the years and urges that their mentality remains focusssed on attracting customers. “If every shop on the local high street was to put a sign out encouraging passers-by to shop in their business”, he says, “ that’d be great!”. Particularly in a time where local shops are struggling, this owner says, “wee advertisements pay off”.

Local businesses are often more concerned with their relationships with local people and it provides a personal service and good business and customer relations. “My customers are not just my customers”, one business owner explained, “over the years they’ve become my friends”.

Mary from Hoolit added “Remember not all local businesses are on the high street, many, like us, are within business centres and industrial estates or perhaps, increasingly, work from home.”

If you want to help your local businesses and put back into your local area;


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