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Health & Beauty With Tea

Refresh your skin naturally, free of charge! Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Keep reading to find out about the amazing power of tea and how it can help you feel and look better simply by consciously including it into your lifestyle.

Tea is the world’s second most popular drink after water and it is a well-deserved accolade for tea in its purest form is full of antioxidants – think of them as the protectors against the wrinkle-causing free radicals in your body that if let run amok causes feelings of sluggishness. We are all familiar with that unshakeable feeling of being tired and withdrawn – well it is time to give your body a long overdue MOT and your humble cuppa is as good a starting point as any!

In the world of tea, you want to get yourself the best and the best is loose leaf – tea leaves hand-picked from the bush and dried or roasted. Thereafter, the tea can be blended with florals such as jasmine flower, fruit like dried apple and spices like cloves to make the famous Chai Tea! Loose leaf maintains more of its antioxidants which can be lost when the leaves are ground and filled into plastic-fused teabags – and we’ve all read about the toxic effects of teabags and its micro-plastics that affects our health and the environment. Loosen up old habits and go loose leaf I say!

Green tea is the undisputed Queen of teas and it is recommended you drink up to five cups a day to max out its benefits so get brewing! Watch as the leaves unfurl in hot water releasing its goodness transforming plain old water into a pale gold powerhouse of goodness. Save your leaves once you’ve finished your tea and use it as a face mask by adding a tablespoon of honey to the leaves and mix to form a paste. Apply the green tea honey paste to your face, relax for 15 minutes and then wash off. If you have some tea left over, cool and put into a clean bottle for an instant pick me up facial spritz. Store this in the fridge and it should last up to a week. Keep up this routine to help your skin and body feel its best! Bottoms up!

Susan is the owner of Sunshine Tea Lounge, local deli shop and sit-in tea lounge at 29 Buchanan Street Baillieston G69 6DY. Checkout #sunshinetealounge on Facebook and Instagram.

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