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Can you help COHH?

Updated: May 14, 2021

Community of Helping Hands was set up to support those in need and those working on the front line during the Covid-19 pandemic. The organisation has grown rapidly since then and has delivered over 6000 food parcels over the crisis. Community of Helping Hands is now raising funds to buy a van so they can continue their essential work in the community.

The Community Food Store in Baillieston is open to everyone and supports around 150 households each week. In addition to this Community of Helping Hands offers a delivery service to households who are unable to collect food from the food store. In order to carry out this delivery service, as well as other essential transport for the organisation, Community of Helping Hands has relied on volunteer’s personal cars. Often volunteers don’t claim money for fuel, meaning expenses fall on them.

Community of Helping Hands are hoping to raise £7000 to help cover the cost of the van and insurance for several drivers. This will help the organisation’s volunteers to collect donations, transport stock to their food store, and deliver food parcels. The van will also allow them to offer further support across the East End of Glasgow. This includes providing furniture to those struggling to make their house a home.

Community of Helping Hands are actively applying for different funding to support this but is reaching out for additional support from the public and local businesses.

You can donate to their fundraiser through this link:

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