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Community of Helping Hands

You may have heard the name Community of Helping Hands or COHH in recent months. The organisation was set up by local volunteers at the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak to offer help to those in need. Here they explain what they do.

What is COHH?

Community of Helping Hands was set up to support those in need and those working on the front-line during the Covid-19 pandemic. It evolved into a service providing over 6000 food parcels during the crisis. The organisation has grown since then and focuses on bringing our community together to help tackle hunger and poverty in the Glasgow area by providing compassionate and practical support, while also improving the communities’ health and well-being, by the provision of services to meet their social, emotional and physical needs.

How did it start?

The organisation was set up in March 2020 in response to the global pandemic. Originally it was set up to provide kindness packages to NHS and social care staff as a thank you for their ongoing hard work. However it soon developed into providing community boxes with food and essentials to individuals and families that needed support. We ended up delivering over 250 parcels each week across five different

local authorities!

Who runs it?

COHH is run by a group of volunteers with a small committee who oversee the organisation’s governance. The group is run solely by volunteers who give up a lot of their time every week to manage COHH and our Community Food Store.

What do you do?

COHH runs a Community Food Store at Glasgow East Rugby Club in Barrachnie Park which is open to everyone. Our store will offer individuals and families good nutritional food plus detailed recipes to encourage those who can cook from scratch to do so. We also deliver community boxes which includes food and essentials to elderly or those with disabilities that would prevent them from coming to the store. Emergency deliveries are available, which mostly come to us via referral from other organisations or if someone has been informed they need to isolate due to Covid-19 and has no other support.

Who do you help?

Those who use the store come from a wide range of backgrounds and circumstances. Many find themselves in a difficult situation due to Covid-19, while others will come in for a few items and donate more as it supports the local community.

Is there a charge?

We have a recommended donation of £3, however only if able to do so. If you feel you can donate a little more, it will help us support others in the local area.

How can people help COHH?

We are always looking for donations - both financially and food items. Donations can be dropped off at the food store during opening times. We are also looking for volunteers, so if you would like to get involved, you can contact us at the details below.

How do people contact you?

You can find us Monday - Friday 10am - 2pm at Glasgow East Rugby Football Club, Barrachnie Park, Baillieston Road, G32 0TG or contact us by phone 07934 832643, email or any of our social media outlets.

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