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Chatter Cafe at Arcadia Gardens Care Home

Chatter Cafe at Arcadia Gardens Care Home

Arcadia Gardens Care Home in Bridgeton is a purpose-built care home which offers nursing and nursing memory care for those living with dementia. The staff and caring team have created a family atmosphere in the home and have recently opened their Chatter Café.

Wellbeing co-ordinator Mel Kennedy, who has been a carer for nearly 25 years, was on a course in

Glasgow when a certain statistic stuck in her mind.

She explained “During the course, it was mentioned that elderly people are most lonely during 2pm and 4pm on a Sunday.

“It gave me an idea that I took back to the management team and we launched the Chatter Café last year. On the last Sunday of every month, we have live entertainment, high tea, coffee, tea and light refreshments. There is no cost and everyone is welcome.

“We want to put something back into the community by inviting residents from the east end of Glasgow to come and join us,” continued Mel.

During the cold, dark afternoons in winter, the home will provide transport free of charge for anyone wishing to come along. The Chatter Café is open on the last Sunday of every month from 2pm - 4pm at Arcadia Gardens Care Home, Kerr Drive, Bridgeton, G40 2QS and everyone is welcome. For more information call 0141 550 0072.

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