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Braveheart Martial Arts goes from strength to strength

In 2018, Iain and Megan opened Braveheart Martial Arts in Baillieston with Megan’s sister, Melissa. All three of them are equipped Martial Arts coaches, they each hold a Black Belt as well as an impressive slue of titles in Tae-Kwon-Do and Kickboxing. Iain says “It’s always been a dream to open a gym, but we knew it took a lot of work”. They surpassed their own expectations, with over 50 members signing up for classes before the gym had even opened. Iain attributes this to the name each of the coaches have built for themselves competing nationally. Their success has continued, and the gym has seen an influx of members after lockdown who are eager to challenge themselves.

Iain has seen first-hand the benefits their Martial Arts Training has for children. The advantages to training aren’t just for fitness, the classes teach children discipline and resilience. Iain says “It’s not just about physical strength, but strength of character as well.” For children and adults alike, learning self-defense skills contributes to mental wellbeing and overall confidence. Many adults join the classes hoping to tone up and lose weight but find that their transformations go much deeper. With two female coaches, the club is proud that this gender balance is reflected in their Martial Arts classes. Braveheart Martial Arts are committed to breaking gender stereotypes in the sport and creating a comfortable environment for all.

Aside from Martial Arts Training, Braveheart functions as a private gym with a range of equipment for weightlifting, resistance training, and cardio. They offer fitness classes as well as one-on-one personal training. Iain is one of the gym’s trainers and he places huge importance on creating a welcoming atmosphere in the gym. He says “Nine times out of ten people don’t reach their fitness goals because they can’t stick at it”. The gym is a friendly, family-run environment, which he finds helps clients come to the gym more regularly. Unlike larger gyms with multiple branches, at Braveheart Martial Arts members and coaches are on a first-name basis. Iain believes in personal training which is just that, personal. He emphasises the importance of tailoring training to people’s individual needs. The club is dedicated to building a healthy community spirit.

More information about Braveheart Martial Arts can be found on:

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