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Are You Planning Your Big Day?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Wedding Planner, Pauline Cook

We spoke to Pauline Cook, wedding planner at The Fullarton Suite, who gives us the low down on what’s hot and what’s not in 2019.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how long you have been a wedding planner?

I am married to Del and have two children: Charles is my oldest at 28 and is engaged to Stephanie, then there is Jemma who is 24 and engaged to Bryan. Some of the readers may remember Jemma from the online Glasgow-based reality programme, Glow. I also have a grandson, Lyle, who is three and the absolute love of my life! I spend my free time exploring our mountains - I love the feeling of freedom it brings. I have worked at the Fullarton for the past twenty-five years and, although it was never my intention to make a career in hospitality, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with this job!

What’s the trend for 2019 weddings?

Coral has been a massive colour trend for 2019 with everything from flowers, cakes and even bridal make-up offering a selection of this bright, cheery tone. Venue décor has shifted from the LEDs to a more natural organic design. Floral and grass displays are used to create bespoke hoops and arches, blossom trees are lining the walkways and aisles, it definitely feels like we are bringing the outside in. Cakes have become much more opulent, with coloured icing enhanced with touches of metallic. Dramatic balloon walls have been creating the perfect backdrop for guest to have pictures taken.

What’s your favourite part of working with brides and grooms?

Being part of their journey from the first meeting where they have no plan to the final finishing touches that make their day unique. I have been blessed to have made lifelong friends with many of my brides and it is a delight to be able to see them continue on their journey through life.

What’s the most interesting wedding moment you have witnessed?

As a popular venue for same sex weddings, we have been asked to do everything from two bridal entrances to the family pet being the ring bearer, to taking part in a flash dance.

Any trends you love?

The cherry blossom trees lining the white aisle and the floral arches are my current favourites but the new cake designs are coming a close second - I just love the use of colour that has been coming through.

Any trends you want to leave behind?

Glad to see the decline in the colour trend Cadbury purple. It was a firm favourite with brides and for a while, it felt like every wedding was purple!

What tips can you give couples in the midst of their planning?

Many couples feel they have to compete with every wedding they have ever attended, but there’s no need - your wedding is bespoke and sometimes you can overfill the hall which will result in nothing being a feature. Select the things that work best for you and ask your coordinator for advice - they can create a floorplan to show you your available floor space.

The Fullarton Suite wedding venue

What can the Fullarton Suite offer to couples looking for a venue?

The Fullarton Suite can provide a unique, versatile setting where brides can create their vision of their perfect wedding with the help of our wonderful wedding team, our award-winning chefs and our fabulous hand-picked suppliers. With packages available from £32.50 per head and the option to include your ceremony for £250 we are an affordable option for every bride to be.

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