A starter's guide to blogging

Meet Kris Munro, the food blogger based in the east end of Glasgow. Outside of his day job at Specs Direct 2U on Tollcross Road, Kris posts honest restaurant reviews, shares travel videos, recipes, and more on his lifestyle blog.

How did your blog begin?

I used to photograph every meal out and share the photos in an app years ago. My friends used to tease me and said why not start a blog. So I did. I didn't know the first thing about blogging. For me, it was all about being 100% honest in all my reviews no matter if it was good or bad, paid or not. I also wanted to help businesses out, which I try to do more these days due to what has been going on recently.

Has blogging changed how you dine out?

My friends and I used to go out and try different restaurants around Glasgow. More often than not we’d go back to the same places and I had the bad habit of ordering the same dish every time I went. Blogging forced me to try new things and places, I’m glad it did as I’ve discovered amazing restaurants and dishes.

What opportunities have come your way from blogging?

For me, the best part is meeting so many nice people through invites and gifted experiences. I’ve even gone hiking with a restaurant manager, who I now class as a good friend. It’s nice to know I can help promote businesses. In January, I challenged myself to share easy but tasty recipes, and in June worked with Hamadaya to develop a series of recipes using their soya sauce with great results. You have to try my soya sauce popcorn recipe!

Since you started in 2016, how has your blog changed?

Wow, so many things. My style of writing and blog design has changed and has become less formal. I also started a YouTube channel for travel videos and now, just like my blog, it has expanded into many different areas. The world of social media has changed too, with more and more people blogging as part of their job.