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A New Leaf – Our Autumn Feel Good Guide

Autumn is a transitional time, it is a period to focus on yourself and get your body, mind and style ready for the winter months ahead.

Here are my top ten tips to get yourself feeling and looking great!

1 Cosy Jumper

Embrace the super soft, feel safe, warm and snug whether your lazing at home or running errands on a grey rainy windy day.

2 Faux Leather

Embrace this rocker inspired trend and give it a try. It could be as simple as faux leather leggings under a nice top to give you that edgy sleek look. Or finish your outfit with a leather bomber. Give it a go…

3 Fancy Top

Invest in rich coloured prints or beautiful embellishment and details. Pop on for your zoom call, meeting a friend for a drink or dinner. This will have you looking and feeling amazing. Pick colours that you know people compliment you in.

4 Trendy Reusable Masks

There is a now a wide variety of prints, styles and finishes on the marketplace or make them yourself. Who knew it would be the must have fashion accessory of 2020?

5 Scarf & Gloves

As the weather turns cooler a good cosy scarf and gloves are needed for autumn walks and also a great gift idea.

6 Messenger Bag

Ditch the oversized tote and get with the times and just grab what you need and pop them into a messenger style bag. Whether it’s a postman satchel, purse pouch or cross over messenger embrace the trend and carry about less.

7 Candles & Fragrance

As the nights draw in fill your home with a warming aroma to wind down and relax. This will uplift your mood and is the perfect accessory in this changing season. Great gift idea too.

8 Wellbeing

Stock up on beautiful indulgent lotions and potions and spend a bit of self-care time at least once a week on yourself.

9 Words & Wishes

Sentimental plaques and jewellery touches mean more than ever right now. Surround yourself with positive affinations in your home and lives. This is also a brilliant gift idea, give someone a little lift and laugh and show them how much you care.

10 Last But Not Least...

Best thing you can do to boost your feel-good right now is be kind and support your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. Treat people the way you would like to be treated. Shop local if you can and make time for yourself.

Jillian is the owner of Heart Style Fashion & Gift Boutique, Blairgrove Shopping Centre, Coatbridge. Shop online at

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